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We go beyond the simple finishing of machined parts by managing finishes,surface treatments and customisation.

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We go beyond the simple supply of machined parts by managing finishes, surface treatments and customisation.

We are able to offer:

  • coatings without the use of moulds
  • significant labour savings
  • time and cost savings in finishing processes
  • possibility of obtaining larger quantities compared to time-consuming finishing and assembly solutions
  • possibility of producing samples quickly
  • compliance with regulations on finished product applications

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AGB Plast offers SMART PRODUCTION, a unique service to streamline your processes

Do you want to know all our processes?

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AGB Plast, a company specialising in metal plasticising is part of the AGB Group

It was a 1983 when AGB PLAST entered the market as a subcontractor company supporting civil and industrial fittings

Plastificazione articoli metallici


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