Our history has started in 1983, when AGB Plast entered the market as a contractor supporting civil and industrial fittings companies.

Over the years, our company has consolidated its market and laid the foundations to increase production, thanks to the skills gained during many years of activity.

In 1996, the integration of several new application sectors marked a real innovation for AGB Plast: we redefined the types of processing techniques offered, in order to ensure significant cost savings on the finished product.

In these years our production facility has evolved and today we can offer a complete service, satisfying all requests ranging from technical consultancy to supply services planned according to the industrial needs of our customers.

Why choose AGB PLAST

Because we are the ideal partner for companies that need a professional and trustworthy support. For our customers we are the company who always provide the right solution for all their innovation needs, because we do not just supply machined components, but we can also manage finishing processes, surface treatments and customizations. We are not mere suppliers, but a solid support to develop your ideas.

We can offer:

Luca De Marmels
AgbPlast CEO


A unique service, lighten your manufacturing processes