AGB PLAST can manage a single process or combined processes providing you with great experience and technical support.

Plastic dip coating of metal objects

Plastic coating, also called “rubberization”, consists in coating components of various shapes and sizes by dipping them in plastic. We offer you a wide range of colors and multiple types of effects, to be selected according to the functionality of the coating and the aesthetic result you want to achieve.


Metal wire and strip processing

We manufacture springs and items in bent wire of various diameters and materials, with complex shapes and welded and assembled parts.

We provide our experience and skills to create in collaboration with the customer new items to be placed on the market.

We invite you to visit the area dedicated to our products, where you can find a wide range of hangers entirely designed and manufactured by our company.

Laser cutting

We produce items of various sizes and shapes, in AISI 304, AISI 316 high-strength steels, according to sample or customer’s specifications.

On the basis of the features of pieces to be manufactured, our technical staff selects the best technology for the manufacturing of the products, scheduling the production time and supporting the customer in any additional work, to obtain a product which meets specific requirements.

Pad printing

We have pad printing machines with which we can manage customizations in 1 or 2 colors.

We personally manage the study and creation of equipment suitable for the manufacturing of the required prints.


We produce sheared items based on drawings or samples, managing additional processing and surface treatments.

We supply lever handles for ball valves of various thicknesses and materials, with galvanic treatments, plastic coating and pad printing customizations.

We study and design moulds or equipment necessary for the production of your items.


We can manage cataphoresis powder or spray painting to create special effects and finishes up with the current trends:

  • Soft touch effects
  • Fluorescent effects
  • Corten effects

We take into account original requests to keep on growing and developing new products.

Galvanic treatments

We manage frame or rotobarrel galvanic treatments such as:

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